Hello All Arizona Chapter WISE members!

My name is Melissa Schmaltz and I am the Chair of the newly minted AZWISE section, and I would like to welcome you to our website!  I am very excited to start providing a new venue for safety professionals to network.  Please join us for the fun!  And remember, men as well as women are encouraged to join us as well, as WISE Guys!


Monthly conference calls to learn with fellow safety professionals, and share best practices.  Everyone is welcome!  The call in number is:  (712) 432-1500, Access Code: 146675#  Calls are usually on the second Wednesday of the month at 1:00 pm. Looking forward to talking with you then!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me,
Melissa Schmaltz, CSP
ES ManagerCell:  (480) 202-3440

WISE Mission
The ASSP Arizona Chapter’s mission is to enhance the status and promote the advancement of the safety profession, to support our members, and to serve our community by participation in activities which enhance the quality of life of the community members and now.  Becoming a member of WISE does all this by specifically supporting women in the Safety, Health and Environmental professions.

WISE is a great opportunity to network with other women in our safety community.  Our goal is to foster an environment that allows members to share ideas.  We maintain a presence at the PDC through professional networking and educational sessions.  WISE upholds an environment that allows for discussion, encouraging and promoting women to make a greater impact within the safety profession.

What is expected of me as a WISE Member?
Attend a monthly teleconference whenever possible, introduce yourself to other members at our Chapter meetings, participate in our semi-annual volunteer activities and just have fun!

What do I need to do to become a WISE Member?
Simply designate a WISE chapter specialty when you renew your ASSP dues.  Then reach out to Melissa Schmaltz  to join our teleconference group!  We are excited you have chosen to join!

ASSP’s Women in Safety Engineering (WISE) Online Member Portal

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  • Seek expert guidance on technical questions in the “Ask the Experts” corner
  • Learn about the goals, initiatives and events of ASSP’s Women in Safety Engineering
  • Develop leadership skills to become more energized and engaged in your profession
  • Connect with your peers to enrich your career

Visit wise.assp.org and use the trial access code WISE930 to try out the portal.

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