Our Code

Fundamental Principles

As a member of the American Society of Safety Professionals, I recognize that my work has an impact on the protection of people, property and the environment.

In order to assume professional responsibility, I shall uphold and advance the integrity, honor and dignity of the safety, health and environmental profession by:

  1. Enhancing protection of people, property and the environment through knowledge and skill;
  2. Being honest, impartial and serving the public, employers and clients with fidelity;
  3. Striving to increase my competence in and the prestige of the safety profession;
  4. Avoiding circumstances where compromise of the professional conduct or conflict of interest may arise.
Fundamental Canons

In the fulfillment of my duties as a safety professional, I shall:

  1. Hold paramount the protection of people and property and the environment;
  2. Advise employers, clients, employees or appropriate authorities when my professional judgment indicates that the protection of people, property or the environment is unacceptably at risk;
  3. Strive for continuous self-development while participating in the safety profession;
  4. Perform professional services only in the areas of my competence;
  5. Issue public statements only in an objective and truthful manner and in accordance with the authority bestowed upon me;
  6. Act in professional matters as faithful agent or trustee and avoid conflict of interest;
  7. Build my professional reputation on merit of service;
  8. Assure equal opportunities for individuals under my supervision.