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Tim Page-Bottorff Hits a Double!

Posted: Nov 09, 2018

I am proud to share with you all that this year’s recipient of the ASSP’s Safety Professional of the Year (SPY), who would be bestowed upon with this most prestigious and deserving honor is from Region 2 belonging to the AZ Chapter. May I have a pleasure and honor of shaking hand with, one and only, our Region 2 Vice President Tim-Page Bottorff.

Mr. Page-Bottorff has also been selected by the National Safety Council to receive their Distinguished Service to Safety Award.

Congrats Tim!

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ADOSH Finalizes Adoption of Federal OSHA Silica Standard

Posted: Sep 23, 2018

On July 23, 2018, Arizona adopted the updated OSHA silica standard. This applies to both the General Industry and Construction industries. In an effort to promote a proactive approach to compliance, ADOSH is encouraging all employers to contact our free Consultation program. The Consultation unit maintains Industrial Hygienists who are ready to identify and help with mitigation. You can view the entire press release here.

ASSP’s SeminarFest 2019

Posted: Sep 03, 2018

Seminarfest is a one-of-a-kind educational event that allows you to spend an entire week immersed in a wide variety of safety-related coursework, all in one location — reducing frequent, costly and time-consuming travel the rest of the year. Our tiered pricing structure is designed to fit all budgets. Register early to get the best value!

ASSP’s educational philosophy is that learning should be immersive, engaging and relevant to what you’re doing in your workplace today. Our goal is for you to immediately apply the knowledge you’ve gained at Seminarfest to benefit you personally and professionally. Bring back the newest ideas and approaches within the OSH industry, and emerge as a leader in your organization.

Register and get more details here.

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