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Faculty Advisor: Michael Bryant, MA, MS, CSP, CET ,                Occupational Safety and Health Faculty and Program Director

Section President’s Report

GateWay Community College Offers Associate  Degree and Certificate Programs in OS&H Technology

GateWay Community College is the only school in the state of Arizona to offer an Associate in Applied Science in Occupational Safety and Health Technology. A Certificate of Completion in Occupational Safety and Health Technology is also offered. Both programs provide the classroom and applied experience needed to become an OSHP.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Professionals assist in anticipating, identifying, and controlling unsafe working conditions. This career requires you to spend a great deal of time in the field, inspecting and auditing work sites, and applying a wide range of laws, regulations, policies and procedures to new and existing conditions. You also will be required to research, develop and implement programs to correct safety and health related issues. As an OSH professional, you will assist employers in complying with Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) regulations, National Fire Protection Association standards, American National Standards Institute standards, emergency management and safety management system elements. Assistance may include written reports, programs, training and on site monitoring of toxic chemicals, noise, and hazardous waste. OSH professionals interact with all levels of management, engineers and employees. As a specialist, you will need specific written and verbal skills to inform and train employees in safe work practices. You can find employment with all levels of government agencies and with public and private businesses.

The department faculty has a wide range of experience in Occupational Health and Safety  and brings extensive research and teaching experience to the classroom. Furthermore the course formats have a blend of classroom theory, laboratory exercises and applied projects. These experiences are facilitated by well equipped laboratories.

For more information, please consult our program guide or check out our Occupation Safety and Health video on YouTube.