Free NFPA 70E Workshop from Cintas and Milliken & Co.

Do you have questions about NFPA 70E? Come to the FREE NFPA 70E workshop and spend quality time with industry experts!

FREE refreshments, FREE lunch and giveaways throughout the day!

Our one-day NFPA 70E Workshops, hosted in various cities throughout north America, will consist of updates to the NFPA 70E standard, PPE best practices and hearing from an arc flash survivor and how a simple act resulted in a nearly fatal incident.

Brandon Schroeder

  • Brandon Schroeder was completing a routine electrical task — not something he considered dangerous or out of the ordinary — and that simple act resulted in a horrific event that should have killed him. Schroeder will discuss what went wrong, what he and his family went through and what he learned from the experience. Schroeder sees a general lack of day-to-day hazard awareness among electricians, and he believes his experience can help prevent other injuries.

Hugh Hoagland

  • Safety statistics from electrical arc flash burns and shock led to mandatory regulations and standards. These are very difficult to implement in the absence of a structured management system. We discuss these safety statistics and present the concept of a Safety Cycle™ as a tool to support the implementation of an effective and continuously improving Electrical Safety Program. Common pitfalls of arc flash and shock PPE programs are discussed with a simple case study that is followed by PPE best practices.

Also featuring presentations on NFPA 70E updates in regards to Flame Resistant Fabrics and Flame Resistant Clothing.

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