Internship With Saul Salinas Insurance Agency

AT Saul Salinas Insurance Agency, INC, you will be part of one of the four Elite Commercial Agencies in Arizona who specializes in Commercial Insurance with strong attitude from Small to Large Businesses in Arizona, California and Texas in understanding and enhancing their Safety Attitude. Be Part of our team and gain experience!
• Develop communication, business, and marketing skills
• Learn about and comprehend the elements of Workers’ Compensation
• Gain experience with sales
• Grow within a potential career
• Learn about the laws, rules, and regulations of employer’s safety procedures
• Comprehend the way in which Workers’ Compensation is calculated
• Recognize the importance of safety procedures and its relation to Workers’ Compensation
By understanding Workers’ Compensation, you will be able to prevent and avoid the risks in the workplace
• Assist agent with all necessary needs
• Answer phone calls if needed and transfer to others
• Develop and maintain all documents on file
• Make all booklets and packets needed for mailing
• Keep office space clean and tidy
• Make sure all files are stocked with papers needed for the mailed packets
• Shred all necessary documents in office
• Take informative notes
Key Competencies:
• Must have the following abilities:
o Excellent Communication
o Organized
o Self-driven
o Team-Oriented
o Professional
o Positive
• Turn in hours for school credit
• Use agent as a reference
• Successful interns may be offered Part-time or Full-time positions after completion

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