Assistant Safety Manager – B&F Contracting

Job Description:

Overview: The role of an Assistant Safety Manager is to keep up on general and site-specific construction safety regulation related to the safety processes and procedures required to keep production on track. Skills and training to include:

Outline and define basic safety procedures and understand by definition and regulation OSHA General Construction Safety & Procedures.

  • Comprehensive training and knowledge through a combination of verified / certifiable degree in Safety & Construction and safety related experience.
  • Experience in excavation and trenching preferred
  • Communicate effectively, type, use email, schedule events, use a laptop / computer, and work in an office environment with others.
  • Experience, knowledge, and technical training needed to observe and assess work sites, job locations, and provide and implement safety plans, JHAs, regulations, safety standards, and corrective actions along with written evaluation.
  • Understanding of equipment and machinery safe operations.
  • Understanding of the relevant safety program in place.
  • Provide incident / accident initial notifications to include type of notification, location of occurrence, date & time of occurrence, persons, and/or equipment involved, depictions, and a brief description to assist in understanding the nature of the occurrence.
  • Provide incident / accident investigative procedures and report along with identifying mitigating factors, root cause, and corrective action.
  • Review safety, health, environment, and compliance portions or sections of contracts sent by a General Contractor and or client for pre-qualification and submittal processes.
  • Meet with General Contractors and other clientele to review or set up expectations and guidelines during pre-qualification, award conference meetings, and pre-work start conference meetings.
  • Speak with enthusiasm about safety health and compliance trends, issues, corrective measures, and goals.
  • Render First Aid.
  • Know the difference between a true medical emergency requiring EMT / Firefighter response for services, assessment, stabilization, and transportation to a medical facility if required.
  • Identify and control non-emergency injuries and provide safe transportation to and from a pre-determined company selected industrial clinic provider.
  • Versed in medical terminology and case management.
  • Discuss with company owners, HR Dept and CFO employee incident / accidents and plan for best case management scenarios and decisions.
  • Meet time restraints and work well under pressure.
  • Work autonomously and make executive decisions keeping in mind the company and its workers’ best interests.
  • Work well with others.
  • Must love safety and understand the importance of protecting our most important assets, the people who do the work.

Job Type: Full-time

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