Safety Director – MKB Construction

Position Title: Safety Director                                    

Reports to:  General Manager                                    

Position Description

This position is responsible for the overall management and administration of MKB’s safety programs. Implements and trains on safety programs, and ensures compliance with all local and federal safety regulations. 

Minimum Position Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in safety and health, and five years experience in a construction environment or ten years experience in a construction-related role. Capable of identifying known/potential exposures and recommending corrective actions. Must have strong computer skills and familiarity with the Microsoft Office Suite programs. Strong management, leadership and interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate well both verbally and in writing.         

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
  • Safety and health regulation compliance – Ensures that the organization complies with all applicable safety and health regulations as they relate to federal, state and local laws:
    • Provides administrative and technical direction and provides updates on all corporate safety and health programs, procedures and policies.
    • Represents the company in all safety related meetings or hearings (OSHA, insurer, general contractors and  employees).
    • Prepares project specific safety plans and ensures their compliance with contractual requirements.
    • Reviews all safety documentation/reports for accuracy and completeness.
    • May act as company representative on issues relating to environmental protection concerns.
    • Maintains compliance with regulatory agencies for safety training.
  • Training – Provides effective safety training to all personnel and works with HR to ensure adherence to safety policies:
    • Organizes and implements safety programs for new projects.
    • Provides task specific safety training when required.
    • Provides general safety training through new hire orientation.
    • Ensures employees have proper credentials to perform tasks they may be assigned.
  • Safety programs/proceduresWorks with each project team to ensure that site-specific safety programs and procedures are in place prior to start of work:
    • Performs periodic jobsite inspections and prepares necessary documentation.
    • Ensures all employees comply with MKB drug testing policies and procedures.
    • Provides thorough accident investigation in cases where incidents result in personal injury or property damage.
    • Provides necessary reporting of accidents or injuries to insurance carriers. Follows up on all open accidents to best manage costs until final closure.
  • Human resources duties – Oversees the on-boarding process of field personnel to ensure proper documentation and employment eligibility:
    • Reviews new hire identification documents.
    • Administers drug tests.
    • Assists new hires with completion of new hire documentation, including I-9, W-4, handbook notices, etc.
    • Verifies new-hire employment eligibility through E-Verify and monitors non-confirmations.
    • Presents new-hire orientation classes.
    • Creates and distributes employee ID cards.
    • Assists with any law enforcement requests.
    • Assists with any investigation requests.

Interested applicants should send resumes to Grant Koepke, V.P. Operations,