Bylaws Revision

We have made some changes to our bylaws, the rules that govern how the chapter operates. The current bylaws can be viewed here. We have made 2 changes. First, any requirement within the by-laws that required a member to be a Professional Member was changed to standard Member. Second, we reduced the positions on the Executive Board from 9 to 7. The Bylaws chair was removed as an executive board position and the Awards & Honors and Nominations and Elections positions were combined into the Awards, Honors, Nominations, and Elections Chair. You can view the revised bylaws here. The revised changes have been approved by chapter leadership. We will be voting on these changes to the bylaws at our October Technical meeting. The bylaws state any changes must be presented to membership for 30 days prior to the vote. If we do not have the required number of members to approve a vote, we will be sending an electronic vote. If you have any additional questions, please contact or